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Oregon Mushrooms heads out into the woods every year to bring back a variety of fresh wild mushrooms for your enjoyment – we’ve made mushrooms our passion and we want to feed your passion for them too!

In addition to a fantastic selection of fresh mushrooms sold on the Oregon Mushrooms website, we offer a number of other delectable treats that food lovers are sure to enjoy. Are you searching for porcini powder? Interested in flavoring your favorite dishes with truffle oil? Do you want to see the exciting new flavors that artisan salt can add to your food? Take some time to browse the rest of our website and see the fantastic selection of products that we have available. From porcini oil to dried spices, you're certain to find something new and exciting.

We gather and collect our mushrooms according to what’s in season for optimal freshness and aroma. For approximate seasonal availability of the fresh mushrooms we seek out, feel free to consult the following list.
Fresh Morels– March through July- we have dried morels all year
Fresh Domestic Spring Porcini (Boletes) – Early June through Early July-we have dried porcini & frozen porcini
Fresh Domestic Fall Porcini(Boletes) – Early September through Early October-we have dried porcini & frozen porcini
Fresh Cauliflower Mushrooms-August through November (call for availability)
Fresh Chanterelle Mushrooms – June through November/December-we have dried chanterelles
Fresh Chicken of the Woods- Late August through Mid November
Fresh Matsutake- September through October/November- we have dried matsutake
Fresh Lion's Mane Late September through Early November-we have dried lion's mane mushrooms & powder
Fresh Lobster Mushrooms– August through September -we have dried lobster mushrooms
Fresh Fried Chicken-November (call for availability)
Fresh Black Trumpets – November through February/April -we also have dried black trumpets
Fresh Yellow Foot – November through February-we have dried yellow foot
Fresh Hedgehogs– November through January-we have dried hedgehogs
Fresh Oregon Black Truffles– December through January-we have frozen Oregon Black Truffles
Fresh Oregon White Truffles – December through January-we have frozen Oregon White Truffles
Fresh Maitake (Hen of the Woods, Panella year 'round- we have dried Maitake
Fresh White Beech Mushrooms- year 'round
Fresh Brown Beech Mushrooms-year 'round
Fresh King Trumpets- year 'round

If we don't carry a certain type of fresh mushroom on our website, ask if we carry it.

If you’ve missed the season or the season has yet to come for the fresh mushrooms you have in mind (e.g. matsutakes), give our dried matsutake mushroom selection and any of your other favorites a try. You won’t be disappointed. 

We also do wholesale (12 or more pounds of fresh and/or frozen mushrooms). Please contact Scott Cossairt at 541-850-6194.
Fresh Matsutake Grade #1
Regular Price: $55.00
On Sale For: $42.00
Fresh Matsutake Under 2.5”
Regular Price: $40.00
On Sale For: $28.00
Fresh Oyster Mushrooms
Price: $18.00
Fresh White Oregon Truffles
Regular Price: $60.00
On Sale For: $25.00
Fresh Yellowfoot Mushrooms
Regular Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $16.00
Frozen Mexican Truffles
Regular Price: $60.00
On Sale For: $50.00