Vanilla Products & Spices

We carry vanilla, ground vanilla, vanilla paste, vanilla powder, vanilla sugar, vanilla extract, vanilla syrup, salts, ancho chilis, Chipotle, De Arbol, Lemon Oil, Tondo Cream of Balsamic, Salts, Saffron and fennel pollen. We are adding to our variety of earthy delights as we find the best items.

Chaga Fudge Bytes
Price: $4.00
Lemon Oil
Price: $9.99
Spanish Saffron 1 gram
Price: $9.99
Vanilla Bean Extract
Price: $16.20
Vanilla Bean Powder
Price: $54.00
Vanilla Beans Madagascar
Price: $10.00
Vanilla Paste
Price: $19.47
Vanilla Sugar
Price: $25.00