Matsutake Mushrooms

Every year Oregon Mushrooms hunts for and harvests fresh edible mushrooms to fill in-season orders as well as for drying and powdering. The fresh matsutake mushroom 松茸 season typically runs from September through December in Oregon. For that year round fix, our dried mushrooms for sale can’t be beat. The dried gourmet mushrooms we stock are of excellent quality, and are picked and dried the same day. All of our dried mushroom products reconstitute well and are ready to be added to stews, soups and sauces. They are great as pizza toppings as well. You’ve come to the right place for the best mushrooms Oregon has to offer!  Click here to try our dried matsutake. These are wild mushrooms, organic mushrooms and gourmet mushrooms.

Season: September through December (or the first snow) Also known as: Ponderosa Mushrooms, 松茸, Matsitaki, Pine Mushrooms, O-Matsu, Red Pine Mushrooms,Tricholoma magnivelare or Matsi. Matsutake mushrooms have a firm white flesh with a distinctive aroma of cinnamon and pine and a firm, chewy texture and a spicy flavor. They are highly prized by the Japanese culture and are thought to bring fertility and by extension fortune and happiness. There are a lot of recipes online for matsutake. Just type in "matsutake mushroom recipes" into any search engine. The matsutake is excellent in sukiyaki and tempura; also, matsutake rice and dobin mushi (steamed in a teapot), and soup are also delicious dishes. Grill, broil, steam or bake.
*Please note: the lower grades (#2 & 3's) do not have the strong scent  and flavor the #1 grade and the small ones do, please look at the pictures before ordering, we will NOT refund you if you choose to purchase the lower grades and find they are not as strong flavored or scented and do not look like a #1.

Fresh Matsutake Under 2.5”
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