King Trumpets

Also known as King Oyster, Eryngii, King Trumpet, Pleorote du Panicaut, Argonane, Bouligoule, Champignon de Garrigue, Cardoncello, Cardarello.
Of all the many cultivated species of Oyster mushrooms, the King Eryngii is definitely the best tasting and best textured. While the stem of most other species of Oyster mushrooms tend to be tough and leathery and are often discarded, the stout and thick stem and also the cap of the King Eryngii are firm and pleasantly chewy.Brush off or rinse lightly just before use. Trim off only the very tip of the stem. Because of the very firm and meaty texture of this mushroom, it requires more cooking time than other less "meaty" mushrooms. Saute or stir-fry until edges become a crispy, golden brown. It goes very well with Italian dishes. It is also excellent grilled, barbequed and tempura deep-fried.
Fresh King Trumpets
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