We do not accept returns on our fresh products. If a claim is made that the fresh mushrooms arrived in bad condition, we need pictures as soon as they arrive with time and date, we need to know immediately if there is a problem, within an hour of arrival, email us or leave a voice mail if you cannot get in touch. If you are not available to sign at the time the mushrooms arrive, and they go bad, we will not issue a refund or credit. This is not our responsibility.
You must be aware that all of our mushrooms are domestic, unless otherwise stated. Our Cultivated mushrooms are imported from China (portabella, shiitake, maiitake, woodear, paddy straw and oyster)
The fresh mushrooms are domestic, and primarily from Oregon and California unless otherwise stated, so if you are accustomed to mushrooms grown in other countries or other states, be aware that the flavor will be different. We cannot control the flavor or aroma of the mushrooms, they are excellent quality, we only ship mushrooms that can withstand shipping.
You must research your shipping area to see if FED EX delivers in the morning. IF they do not ship for delivery in the morning, we are not responsible for the quality when they arrive, and as the weather warms up, the mushrooms will not do well for areas that only get P.M deliveries. Please be sure to check before ordering.
We will try our best to make you happy if you are not satified with your mushrooms, but since we are very careful with the quality, we do not issue refunds. Please contact us with your complaint so we can resolve the issue.
This is what we will follow now if you ask for a refund... this is for our protection. We understand that you may get spoiled mushrooms, but it is extremely rare if we ship Priority Overnight. If you ask for a refund if you choose any other shipping we do not refund if you make this choice.
We will not refund you for shipping if your order is late for the 15 days prior to Christmas, we apologize for this, but it is the policy for Fed Ex.
Our return policy: You may return items for a refund if the mushrooms are packaged to prevent breakage, and there is no more than 1 ounce gone. We suggest you try your mushrooms in a small amount first to be sure you are satisfied, because we do not give refunds if there is more than an ounce missing.
You will be refunded less shipping and handling.
It has been reported in business TV programs and publications, that credit card charge backs and frauds are on the rise. 
A charge back is when a customer contacts the banks that issued the credit card, and initiates a refund process generally (amongst other several reasons) because they are dissatisfied with the product, the service, or by making a "claim" that the product was "not received".

Charge back processes are often time consuming and frustrating, however if you take some proactive steps you can prevent charge backs and expedite the dispute resolution. 

If the customer claims that the product was not received:  This is the customers responsibility:

1. Ensure you have evidence that the product was delivered

2. OUR policy sets limits on the time frame for the customer to contact you and a claim to be presented. For perishable food products should not be more than 1 hours maximum, after that, we figure you were not there to accept the package in a fair amount of time, and this is why it spoiled, you must freeze or refrigerate your perishible items immediately!

3. Be sure to state the expected delivery date and allow extra time especially during holidays

4. If  you are stating that the product is spoiled or not satisfactory for any reason, call us BEFORE they "throw" away the product or any of the packaging material as you may elect to have FED EX come back and pick up the product for inspection and make this an essential part of your claim process

When a delivery service method is chosen for a product to be delivered the carrier will of course strive to meet that commitment however, occasionally a package could be delivered outside the commitment time window (late) especially during busy holidays. In this case because the tremendous operational support provided to us by the carrier in our daily operations, we will not be able to request money back on a package that it is late but on the committed day. Also for packages that are delivered late due to weather related issues, and other Act of God there may not be any recourse available. We take every possible step to ensure that the product you bought is properly protected with the right combination of packaging, coolant and closely monitor the transit of your package and take proactive steps aimed on successfully delivering your goods when expected.

For fresh items, no returns, when we ship the mushrooms, they are in excellent condition. If the box is banged up, open it in front of the driver to inspect the mushrooms, if they are messed up, refuse shipment and we will file a claim. If you sign for a damaged package and do not inspect the mushrooms, you will not get a refund. We do not give refunds for anything that is not signed for.  Please be sure to get someone to put your perishable items in the fridge or freezer as soon as they arrive. When they arrive, we will not replace or refund your shipment because they sat outside.

You MUST contact us within 1 hour of the delivery time, no exceptions! You can email us, fax us or call us 24/7. If we do not answer, we will still have record of the time the call or email came in. Unfortunately, we are finding more people are not home to refrigerate their mushrooms, and the mushrooms go bad from sitting outside, so they ask for a refund. This is not good for all of our honest customers, but now everyone has to call us within an hour of delivery.

 We cannot refund your money if there are weather conditions that prevent the mushrooms from arriving. We suggest you check the forecast the day before you are suppose to get your delivery between Memphis TN and your state. Weather conditions are beyond our control. 
If you order, and do not respond to our emails (for fresh products), we will not give you a refund if our season ends or we run out of product.


If you order and want your mushrooms for a certain date, we highly recommend using Fed Ex, because then you have a definite date of arrival, there are NO guarantees for USPS. 
Please understand that there has to be extreme reasons to recieve a refund. Please also understand that the mushrooms from Oregon will taste different from those grown in other states or countries.
Our customer satisfaction rate is very high
Please, if you have any problems, contact us, we will resolve the problem.
We are an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau