Fresh Black Oregon Truffles

Fresh Black Oregon Truffles

Season Late November -March
Oregon Truffles have a different flavor than the imported ones, at a truffle tasting, it was said for the price, Oregon truffles are worth it. They have an excellent flavor and aroma when used at their peak. Do not cook truffles, add them at the very end of cooking since the aroma dissipates rapidly on high heat.

Oregon Black truffles are great with protein and white sauces so you do not overpower the truffles. If they are unripe when you get them, and have no aroma, don't worry, it can take a few days for them to finish ripening. With unripe truffles, do not wrap in a paper towel or rice. Rinse and brush them until they are completely clean, pat dry,  place them in an airtight container and check daily. Condensation is okay in this instance. It hastens the ripening process. Use immediately upon ripening.

Use your truffles within 2-5 days of receiving them, or freeze them and use them as needed. They are highly perishable, and once they start to go, they go bad fast, so trim off any spots that are wet looking immediately and freeze them or use them immediately. Check them frequently. If they are really strong, use them that day, it is better to make a butter out of them if you are not going to be able to use them at the peak of their ripeness. To do this, purchase a really high end butter with no salt in it. Reserve enough butter to add to the top of the truffle butter. Blend until creamy, add sliced up truffles, blend really well. Put in your container, put your reserved butter over the top and then you have your own truffle butter. There are also recipes online to put truffles into other things to use them whenever you want to.

To freeze, put in a food saver bag, or a heavy duty bag with all of the air out of the bag. When you want to use them, slice them while frozen and put directly back into the freezer. Do not allow them to thaw out or you will have to throw them out. The best way to freeze them is to slice them into serving sizes and then you won't be defrosting and losing the truffle. Shave them on whatever you want to use them on or in frozen. If you try to shave them defrosted they will just be mush. Unfortunately, some mushrooms and truffles do not thaw well.

Aroma: floral,fruit,chocolate

Store in a container that is airtight, unless, you want everything to smell like truffles! Had this happen once and my milk and EVERYTHING tasted like the aroma of truffles. That is not a good thing. Store at the lower part or in the door of your refrigerator where it isn't as cold.
Any residual soil covering the truffle provides a protective layer that conserves flavor and aroma, and even allows the truffle to continue its ripening. A great way to store them is in arboreal rice or wrapped in a paper towel. They will get moist and rot. You can store with a paper towel between eggs and the truffles to avoid cross contamination. The aroma will permeate the shells of the eggs. Anything you store in with the truffles will take on the aroma. DO NOT STORE IN A PLASTIC BAG. If any start smelling like ammonia, it went bad, so toss it out.
Of course, upon cooking, the truffle should be thoroughly cleaned. Besides general rules of food hygiene, the truffle has to be cleaned because its outer peel (peridium) is never thrown away. Like with the inner mass (gleba) the truffle’s peel has flavor and aroma.
Proper Way To Clean Fresh Truffles
• For starters always wash your hands before handling truffles. Truffles quickly absorb outside smells
• Rinse the truffle under cold running water for about 30 seconds. Rinse only a few minutes before use.
   (If you have a large sized truffle only rinse the portion of truffle you intend to use)
• Gently brush the truffle with an unused tooth-brush, nail-brush, or any other similar bristle and soft brush.
• Pat dry the truffle with white absorbent paper towel.
• Slice paper-thin, grind, or chop the truffle if ready to commence cooking or serve meal. Differently, immediately store away the truffle.


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