Berry Products

Wild huckleberries are found in the Pacific Northwest. The huckleberry is sweet and some are tart, but the flavor is awesome.  All natural, GMO free!

We carry a variety of products, fresh huckleberries during their short season and frozen huckleberries year 'round. We only sell the best tasting huckleberry products that we have experienced.
Our fresh and frozen huckleberries are from Idaho, Montana and Oregon, from the coast and mountains. 
These are frozen wild Oregon Elderberries, they travel better frozen. We love the elderberry syrup we make. There are a few different recipes on line. GMO-free black elderberries. We love this one: syrup recipe we use local raw honey, not the store bought honey. 

Fresh Wild Coastal Huckleberries
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Frozen Elderberries
Price: $25.00
Frozen Huckleberries
Price: $33.00
Huckleberry Blue Jam
Price: $12.99