The size of these truffles range from a Quarter in diameter to a golf ball size. Once in a while we get some around the size of a tennis ball. The mention of truffles brings up images of the expensive black and white truffles of France. But the truffles from Oregon are just as aromatic, and less than one-tenth the price of their famous French counterparts. Oregon truffles are emerging as one of the world's great delicacies, taking their richly-deserved place next to their legendary European cousins. Only in the past 20 years or so have several species of Oregon truffles become recognized for their culinary quality and potential value in the marketplace. In fact, with truffle production declining in Europe since 1900, Oregon's relatively untapped supply is gaining more and more notice. These truffles have a  short shelf life, use them within 3-5 days of recieving them, or freeze them and use them as needed. Try the frozen Oregon Truffles.  
Fresh Black Oregon Truffles
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