Also known as: 松茸, Ponderosa Mushrooms, Pine Mushrooms, O-Matsu, Tricholoma magnivelare or Matsi. Matsutake mushrooms have a firm white flesh with a distinctive aroma of cinnamon and pine and a firm, chewy texture and a spicy flavor. They are highly prized by the Japanese culture and are thought to bring fertility and by extension fortune and happiness. The matsutake is excellent in sukiyaki and tempura; also, matsutake rice and dobin mushi (steamed in a teapot), and soup are also delicious dishes. Grill, broil, steam or bake. 

The #2, 3 grade mix has a larger cap, it is more economical for those who only want the matsutake for eating, not for appearance. Please do not choose this grade if you want them for appearances.
This is a perishable item and it must be refrigerated upon arrival. We suggest putting them into a strainer in the product compartment in your refrigerator and covering them with a slightly moist cloth to keep the veil from drying out and tearing. Do not store in plastic, they need air circulation.
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