Dried Whole Reishi

Dried Whole Reishi

We no longer have the reishi from Michigan. I am really sorry. The season was terrible.

 When you see shiny, beautiful reishi, it is because they have been steamed, which means they lose some of their medicinal properties. We do not clean them ahead of time since rinsing mushrooms causes them to start going bad. The stems are removed, therefore you are getting more mushrooms, with the maximum effectiveness, instead of wasted mushrooms.
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Because reishi mushrooms contain chitin which locks up medicinal components,preparations of lingzhi are unlikely to be medicinally active unless there has been a prolonged water extraction. Simply tincturing the mushroom in ethanol or powdering it and encapsulating it makes preparations that are essentially inert and may account for some of the inconsistency in research results. Additionally, mushrooms traditionally incorporate or transform constituents from their host trees and mycelial fractions grown in sawdust or other substrate may differ appreciably from the whole fungus.

Lingzhi is traditionally prepared by simmering in water in a stainless steel or ceramic pot. Do NOT use aluminum pots

Thinly sliced, broken, or whole lingzhi is added to a pot of boiling water (about 6-8 whole reishi or enough pieces to make that amount or 10-15 pieces for sliced per 8 cups of water) there really is no definite amount to put it the water, it really is however strong you want the tea. You can make it strong, and if you do not like the taste, just take less,the water is then brought to a simmer, and the pot is covered; the lingzhi is then simmered for two hours. The resulting liquid should be fairly bitter in taste, with the more active red lingzhi more bitter than the black. The process may be repeated. Alternatively, it can be used as an ingredient in a formula decoction or used to make an extract (in liquid form) The more active red forms of lingzhi are far too bitter to be consumed in a soup, as long cooked dried shitake mushrooms might be.
Here is a "how to" do an alcohol extraction for the best benefits (you can use whole or sliced reishi or our reishi extract powder)

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