Dried Wild Morel Mushrooms from the USA, Wild Crafted

Dried Wild Morel Mushrooms from the USA, Wild Crafted

We now offer frozen morel mushrooms!

Every year Oregon Mushrooms hunts for and harvests fresh morel mushrooms to fill in-season orders as well as for drying and powdering. The fresh wild morel mushroom season typically runs from March through July in Oregon. For that year round morel fix, our dried morel mushrooms can’t be beat. The dried gourmet mushrooms we stock are of excellent quality, and are picked and dried the same day. All of our dried mushrooms reconstitute well and are ready to be added to stews, soups and sauces. They are great as pizza toppings as well. You’ve come to the right place for the best dried mushrooms Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana have to offer. These highly prized mushrooms are referred by many as the highly elusive pinecone mushroom, sponge mushroom and morchella, no matter what the name, they are still morels! These are from the USA, last years season. Fresh morels are available around Late March, Early April through August (on the latest side) sometimes they end in July. This is why we have the pine cone mushroom for such a long time. There are a few different edible kinds of morels that grow throughout the season; grey morels, natural morels, green morels, black morels, conica morel are also called burn morels and blonde morels (morchella esculenta)but we cannot dry the blondes because they have such a short season and we have a very long waiting list for these most popular type of morel.
Some people call the domestic dehydrated (dried)morel mushrooms sponge mushrooms. They call them pine cone mushrooms because they are shaped and colored like a pine cone, which makes them VERY difficult to see. They are easily missed until a big patch is found. You really need a trained eye. Kids are very good at spotting them because they are closer to the ground. Most people don’t want to lie on the ground to spot them, but it probably has happened in the past.
Some people spell this as moral.
The sizes vary when reconstituted to 1-3 inches tall.  If you want certain sizes, please make a note in the shopping cart, otherwise you will get a mix of sizes.  We have Jumbo morels if you want larger morels.

To Reconstitute: Soak in 2 cups of cold water or liquid per ounce of dried morels for 20 minutes or overnight.  When they are fully reconstituted, strain through a coffee filter or paper towel and retain the liquid for your recipe or future use. Rinse well to remove any debris and pat dry and use.

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Dried Wild Morel Mushrooms from the USA, Wild Crafted
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Dried Morel Mushrooms 1 oz
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Dried Morels 2 oz
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Dried Morel Mushrooms 2 oz
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Dried Morel 4 oz
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Dried Morel Mushrooms 4 oz
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Dried Morel Mushrooms 8 oz
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Dried Morels 1 Lb
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1 lb of dried morels
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Dried Jumbo Morels 4 oz
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These morels are a mix of mainly greys, with a few blacks and naturals. They are large enough to stuff. There are approximately 10 morels per 1/4 lb. The range from 2 1/2 inches in length and 1 inch around (dried) to much larger.
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Dried Jumbo Morels 8 oz
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Dried Jumbo Morels 1 lb
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1. on 7/23/2013, said:
Excellent Quality!!!
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2. on 11/19/2012, said:
I love these morel's in gravy, buttered with garlic, and defried in oil with and egg and flour batter. I grew up in Michigan and used to hunt my own, but out here in Utah i do not know where to go.
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3. on 5/28/2010, said:
My hunger for these wonderful and favorful Morels was finally filled! I cooked my first in butter with garlic and chopped green onions. I added some large shrimp to the mix. Fantastic! Now I will probably want more before the year is out! I grew up near Seattle and miss them so much.
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4. on 3/9/2010, said:
excellent quality
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