Frozen Oregon White Truffles

Tuber gibbosum. White the white oregon truffle retains most of it's flavor, the texture changes drastically, so use while in the frozen state, and use more than you would from the fresh state. The truffle will turn to mush if you let it defrost.
The oregon white truffle lacks the complex, peppery-garlic aroma and taste of its more familiar Piedmont counterpart. However, it does have other intense flavor and aroma notes that the European product misses. Straightforward and powerful, the white oregon truffle is the dark, rich essence of pure earth and potent, tangy musk. Crumbled into scrambled eggs, sliced over a fondue, shaved on risotto, slivered with the delicate white meat of quail or sprinkled over a wild mushroom sauce for steak, it can transform the merely good into the sublime with the subtle but potent culinary alchemy that is the hallmark of this underground treasure.
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