Fresh Brown Beech Mushrooms

The richly flavored Brown Beech mushroom is regarded as one of the most "gourmet" of all the oyster-like mushrooms. Firm textured and possessing a mildly sweet, nutty taste, this mushroom can be incorporated into a broad range of recipes from soups and sauces to stir-fries. The creative cook or chef will find this superior mushroom to be highly versatile. If packaged in a cluster format, cut off and discard the base of the cluster. The mushrooms are grown & packaged under very hygienic conditions, but if desired, just before using the mushrooms may be lightly rinsed or brushed, but do not soak in water. The mushroom may be either used whole or sliced. Uncooked, Beech Mushrooms have a strong, bitter flavor, but cooking transforms the flavor and renders its nutritional components more available for complete digestion and assimilation. Leave in the plastic bags they come in until ready to use immediately. If you leave them in the bags they come in, the shelf life is 7-14 days. If they start looking like they are wilting, use immediately.

Product from the USA