Huckleberry Products

Huckleberry Products

Huckleberries are found in the Pacific Northwest. The huckleberry is sweet and some are tart, but the flavor is awesome. These are awesome earthy delights! All natural, GMO free! Amazing products!

We carry a variety of products, fresh huckleberries during their short season and frozen huckleberries year 'round. We only sell the best tasting huckleberry products that we have experienced. Our huckleberry products are from Priest Lake, Idaho. Our fresh and frozen huckleberries are from Idaho, Montana and Oregon, from the coast and mountains. 

We will still always carry the frozen huckleberries all year, and the fresh huckleberries while they are in season.




Fresh Huckleberries
Price: $12.50
Frozen Huckleberries
Price: $12.50
Huckleberry Bar Mix
Price: $10.99
Huckleberry Preserves
Price: $6.99
Huckleberry Syrup
Price: $8.99
Huckleberry Vinegar
Price: $6.99
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