Oregon Mushrooms
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Fresh Oregon Black Truffles

Fresh Oregon black truffles are among many types of truffles and truffle like fungi found around the world that are considered gourmet treats. Truffles mushrooms from Oregon have different characteristics than European species and Oregon truffles are softer than others. The species and quantities of Oregon truffles vary due to the weather before the truffle season begins. There are two categories of truffles. Fresh Oregon white truffles, members of the genus Tuber, and Fresh Oregon black truffles, are members of the genus Leucangium (they also include brown truffles).

Fresh Oregon black truffles are also known as leucangium carthusianum, which are typically found at the base of young Douglas-fir tress that grace the Oregon coast. They tend to reach several inches in diameter and have an earthy pineapple scent to them. Oregon black truffle mushrooms are more rare than white truffle mushrooms and are often found much deeper in the soil as well.

Fresh Oregon black truffle mushrooms are as large as golf balls and can be close to baseball size. They are very dark on the inside and outside and retain a very earthy odor when ripe. The aroma of Fresh Oregon black truffle mushrooms is pungent. They have an earthy pineapple aroma and an extremely strong flavor.

Cooking Fresh Oregon Black Truffles

The amazing aroma of the truffle mushroom can be weakened by heat so it is recommended to add truffles later in the cooking process or at the very end as a finishing ingredient. You can easily shave them raw on top of your favorite dishes, which can include mashed potatoes, pizza, pasta dishes, and many more.

Fresh Oregon black truffles are very sensitive to heat. Heat unlocks the truffle’s flavor and aroma, but if cooked incorrectly it can damage your truffle mushroom experience. It is also best to use truffle mushroom products just before serving. These can include truffle oil, truffle salt, and truffle butter.

To slice fresh Oregon black truffle mushrooms you will need a recently sharpened knife or for faster results a truffle slicer. Truffle slicers are nice because you can select the thickness and simple drag the truffle across the slicer. This way you get exactly what you are looking for every time you slice your truffles.

Don’t forget that the way you store your fresh Oregon truffle mushrooms is also important in keeping the aroma and taste in tact. You can refrigerate them, store them in rice, or oil for short-term storage. You may also store them by freezing them or even making them into butter. Another few ideas are to dry them with a dehydrator or can them in a jar. Whichever way you decide to go fresh Oregon truffle mushrooms are delicious.