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Truffles Mushrooms Are Very Good

Black truffles are hypogeous, or underground, mushrooms. Their spore bearing surfaces are closed in and they do not form a noticeable stem.  The truffles rely on animals to eat them, which is also called mycophagy (fungus + to eat), to allocate their spores. Truffles mushroom look like little potatoes and often grow to the size of a marble and a golf ball. There are hundreds of different kinds of truffles mushrooms and fresh Oregon truffles are among the ones that are desired.

No truffles mushrooms are known to be poisonous, but only a few are delicacies to humans, but you can’t always be too sure. Although it makes sense that there are not toxic because truffles mushrooms rely on small creatures to spread their pores. Many actual poisonous mushrooms, including Cortinarius and Amanitas, can start out resembling truffles at first glance, so always be sure of what you are looking for.

Truffles mushrooms grown in the soil and form mycorrhizae (fungus + root) with the roots of the tress and help the trees acquire nutrients. The underground habitat of truffles mushrooms are thought to be a protection mechanism against forest fires, dry periods, or frosty periods whereas above ground mushrooms would be more vulnerable.

Black Truffles Mushrooms

Fresh Oregon black truffles are a bit larger and a lot less common than that of white truffle mushrooms. The black truffles have a sharp pineapple earthy smell and a very strong flavor. Most fresh Oregon black truffle mushrooms can be found at the roots of the Douglas fir tress that are more than twelve years old. They burrow 6-12 inches below the layer of fallen needles that lay under the trees. If the black truffle mushrooms are properly harvested, they will appear in the same place every year.

Fresh Oregon black truffles may not be as sought after as European truffles, but they are very delicious and much more cost efficient. Those are a great way to try fresh black truffle mushrooms!