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Truffles Mushrooms Are Great

A true truffles mushroom is a group of a few valuable and highly desired edible type of underground ascomycetes that belong to the fungal genus Tuber.

The fruiting body of a truffles mushroom is highly prized as food. It has a fragrance that is similar to deep-fried sunflower seeds or walnuts, but not all people are able to appreciate the smell of this fungus. After soaking a truffles mushroom, the water can taste quite a bit like soy sauce.

A Truffles Mushroom Is Perfect For Cooking

IBrillat-Savarin called a truffles mushroom "the diamond of the kitchen" and praised its aphrodisiacal powers. While the aphrodisiacal characteristics of a truffles mushroom has not been scientifically established, it is still held in high esteem by the French, Northern Italians and Istrian in their cooking, and in international haute cuisine.

Of the many types of truffles, one of the most famous truffles mushroom is the Italian White Truffles Mushroom, the French Black Truffle, the Summer Black Truffle, and the March Truffle. The White Truffles Mushroom , usually referred to as the white diamond, is considered one of the rarest types of truffle, is one of the highest priced species around. Usually, truffles are among the most expensive natural foods on the earth, and sell for hundreds or thousands of US Dollars (USD) per pound (0.45 kg).

Many types of mushrooms look similar to a truffles mushroom but are actually very poisonous. Abstain from eating wild mushrooms of any kind without the highly-educated guidance of an expert who can positively identify if the species is edible. Do not put a truffles mushroom or alba truffles into sealed plastic bags. They will mold, get slimy, and smell terrible! NEVER EAT ANY TRUFFLE, OR OTHER FUNGUS, UNLESS IT HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED BY AN EXPERT! You might confuse the button stage of a poisonous mushroom with a truffle, or be allergic. The safest way to taste a truffles mushroom is to order it from a menu.