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Pine Mushrooms

Pine Mushrooms have many unique characteristics that are easily distinguishable from other types of mushrooms. It is much easier to preserve them than to preserve any other type of mushrooms. Pine Mushrooms, also called Matsutake Mushrooms; deteriorate much slower in autumn than in summer. If they are kept refrigerated, they can be preserved for about two weeks.

They are also heavier than most other mushrooms and can weigh up to 1.2 kg, depending on their size.

One important disadvantage to consider is that it is virtually impossible to cultivate them away from their natural environment. Since these mushrooms have always been in high demand, many have made attempts at artificial cultivation without much success. Recently, various research projects have been conducted, including the cultivation of Pine Mushrooms Hyphae.

Pine Mushrooms and Cooking

Pine Mushrooms can be used in almost all prepared dishes, including most stews, soups, or steamed dishes. They are also great in yukhoe (seasoned raw meat), japchae (seasoned noodles), naengmyeon (cold noodles), bibimbap (rice hash), and kalguksu (knife-cut noodles). It is important to add the Pine Mushrooms when your cooking is almost done. They should be sliced thin or chopped into pieces and slightly boiled.

Unlike other mushrooms, no one has really succeeded in raising Pine Mushrooms in artificial conditions. They typically sprout up from the ground near pine trees and spread slowly to the adjacent areas. Amature mushroom hunters usually dig up around trees to find pine mushrooms. The problem with this is that it destroys the habitat of the Pine Mushrooms and may stop their production.

The flavor and scent of Pine Mushrooms is well recognized by many people around the world, particularly in Japan and China. It is the unique environment and climate that makes the scent and flavor of these mushrooms better than others.