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These are Fresh Burn Morels (conicas)

Storage and usage:  Please refrigerate in a paper bag as soon as you receive your morels or put them in a strainer in the refrigerator, they need air circulation. Never put them in a plastic bag, please cook them thoroughly. They will lose some moisture, this is normal. For best results, use within 3 days after you receive them. 
The best way to wash black morels and naturals is to put them in salt water for 20 minutes at a minutes or overnight in the refrigerator. Most people split them in half first. I put them in a bowl with salt water in it and then put a plate over them to hold them under water. This cleans them very well. Pour into a strainer, rinse them, and let them drain.
Conicas, blondes and grays: soak them for a couple of minutes, agitate in the water, drain them and use them. 

Black, Gray and Natural morels have very thick walls.

Blonde Morels and Conicas have thinner walls, which makes them dry out more (will regain their moisture when you clean them) and are more brittle. Conicas are much drier than any of the morels and are very brittle. You may find that some of them have broken in transit, we do our best to prevent that, but it happens because they are brittle.

Nature: Morels are a product that are grown wild, so they may have a bit of dirt, moss or pine needles with them. If you find little pests inside, just wash them thoroughly. We cannot 100% guarantee that all the mushrooms will be free of larvae or tiny insects since they hide inside. We will not sell them if we see them. See above information on how to wash them.
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This item is out of season, please try our dried product during the off season. If you have any questions, you can call us at 1-800-682-0036, or email us at oregonmushrooms@msn.com